I was made aware of something today that has changed a big, major belief that I’ve had most of my life. You probably have this belief also. It’s the belief that, when we mess up, when we do something completely stupid, hurt someone’s feelings, make some big mistake…we find ourselves saying, “Well, I’m only human.”Continue reading “I’M ONLY HUMAN? I HOPE SO!”

Am I Weird or Nah?

Ok..,so…we’re leaving early this morning for Texas…for my nephew’s wedding on Saturday. I’m so crazy-excited for this. I can’t even!! Because David and I are animal owners/lovers, earlier this evening, we dropped our dog, Silas, off at a friend’s house…where he is treated, LITERALLY, as dog-royalty. (I’m oh so certain that these amazing, generous friendsContinue reading “Am I Weird or Nah?”