Am I Weird or Nah?

Ok..,so…we’re leaving early this morning for Texas…for my nephew’s wedding on Saturday. I’m so crazy-excited for this. I can’t even!!

Because David and I are animal owners/lovers, earlier this evening, we dropped our dog, Silas, off at a friend’s house…where he is treated, LITERALLY, as dog-royalty. (I’m oh so certain that these amazing, generous friends treat him mucho better than we do…if that’s even humanly possible.)

Ok, so…we also have a cat named Lucy. I have a love/hate relationship with this adorable feline. Periodically, she indiscriminately chooses to tinkle in certain spots…on our carpet, or in an unused shoebox, or on our bedspread…or on a dirty towel left on top of the washing machine…(or pretty much wherever she sees fit…no pattern whatsoever)

It’s a smidge…ok, a whole lot MORE than a smidge, maddening, to say the complete least.

Cat piss is completely disgusting…no matter how or why it happens.

But tonight, as I was putting our last load of washed clothes in the dryer (in prep for our trip)…Miss Lucy came into the laundry room with me…and began eating her nightly food while I took clothes out of the washer and put them into the dryer. (She will often wait until I’m nearby to actually eat her food.)


I am NOT a cat expert by any means, but this is definitely a pattern for my lil’ Lucy lady.

We’ll take her to the Animal Bed & Breakfast early in the morning before we leave, where she seems to totes thrive (those young girls love her and pet her constantly!!) ❤️

I have a strong feeling that my Lucy was missing her brother and playmate, Silas…because he had already been delivered to his surrogate caretakers. To her tiny brain, something was different…something wasn’t right.

Sooo…here I am…sitting in my comfy recliner…writing these words…watching the late-night, totally-ludricous infomercials…waiting for the moment I can finally sleep…all because this sweet, warm-hearted green-eyed kitten finds some kind of comfort in the warmth of my lap and my touch…pushing her face into my hand, so as to feel some love, I assume.

And I’m happy to oblige. 😌

I have no idea, really, why I’m blogging about this particular thing on this particular night…except that, even though cats aren’t my favorite animals, sometimes I’m exactly like them…like her…like my pretty little Lucy.

I will OFTEN do or say things that stink…things that need to be cleaned up. (Just ask my husband!) But I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father totally gets it!

I hope and pray that, even though I am so-often “catlike”…pretensious, stubborn, stand-off-ish, opinionated…that God’s crazy,completely unselfish, merciful, grace-filled and sacrificial love…TRUMPS IT ALL!!!! Trumps. It. All.

y e s


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