Rain, Rain



It’s very late in the day/early in the morning.

Two-o’clock in the mornin’,  to be exact…if you must know.

(Certainly no surprise for anyone who knows me very well.)

I’ve been sitting here watching one of my very above-all favorite Netflix shows while I’m gearing down from whatever today held.

And when the decibels decrease, I can hear that it’s raining outside. So I wrote how it was making me feel at that very moment… (see attached picture)…

Lots of people I know don’t care for rain whatsoever. And I really don’t blame them. For one thing, I grew up in Houston, Texas, and even in cooler weather, rain was relatively warm. I loved being in it. But here in Colorado, in July, in 90+ degree heat, the rain is cold. I can’t even!

But yes, rain can be a pain…especially when you’re planning an outdoor event that you’ve spent months and months planning. Or your driveway becomes chocolate pudding after a mere sprinkle. Or you just washed and waxed your car!

But on the other hand, rain can be an answer to prayer.


In the dark, wet, thundery, stuck-indoors times of life, we can look at the rain as a blessing. It causes us to stop…to pause…to wait…to say, “I’ll just sit on this bench for a while and let it pass.”

And in those waiting and pausing and sitting times…..aaahhh, we rest a bit. We relax. We slow our breathing. We connect to what’s immediately in front of us. We know the rain won’t last forever (unless you live in the Pacific Northwest). But we also know that when it passes over, the world will look clean and fresh and new…for a little while, at least.

So don’t curse the rain. Allow it to wash away yesterday…make today’s things shiny and brand new.

Soon…..the sun will shine.

Published by leeannramsey

Pastor's wife. Mom. Friend. Musician. Writer. Artist.

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