Winter Day, Winter Soup

For some reason, I’m not able to post to my “Recipes” page. Until I figure it out, I’ll post here on my regular blog. •••••••••••• So, it snowed last night…not enough to make it difficult to get out and about or drive on the streets. But enough to powder everything white…and it’s continued on andContinue reading “Winter Day, Winter Soup”

The Upside Down

Disclaimer (aren’t you tired of these?): If you haven’t watched much or any of the show, “Stranger Things” on Netflix, and don’t want spoilers or details you haven’t reached yet, STOP NOW! Or forever hold your tongue! ———————————————— David and I got totes hooked on a Netflix original this last fall called “Stranger Things”. Take theContinue reading “The Upside Down”

but for the grace of God

“There, but for the grace of God, go I.” A statement of humility…a statement that recognizes our own weaknesses…a statement that defines the very life we live day by day by day. Simply put (and as the Cambridge Dictionary defines it), “something said when something bad that has happened to someone else could have happened to you.” I got really bad news today.Continue reading “but for the grace of God”