“Here Come Da Judge”

Anyone younger than me probably doesn’t recognize that title…because I know I was just a wee baby when Flip Wilson made that line popular (hehe)….. For the last three Wednesday nights at Inside/Out, our weekly gathering of teenagers at Rock Springs Church, we’ve been studying the idea of judgment. “Judgment Call” The first two weeksContinue reading ““Here Come Da Judge””

My Two Dads

Yesterday, David’s message at church was on the “…Father…” part of the Disciple’s prayer…The Lord’s Prayer. (Matthew 6:9-13) The word “father” brings up emotions in me that I can neither control nor explain…at least not in the way my heart truly feels. Fifty-something and some years ago, I was born to a young dad. Without going intoContinue reading “My Two Dads”

I Quit!!

Don’t worry…I’m not quitting blogging. I’m only just beginning. “Quit.” It’s not a popular word. Or idea. Or concept. (Ok, I’ll “quit” finding synonyms.) We don’t like to quit. We label ourselves quitters or failures…or we’reĀ afraid someone else will. No one wants to be a quitter. But so often, we find ourselves stuck in thatĀ littleContinue reading “I Quit!!”