Broken. Bruised. Scarred.



Yesterday, David and I listened to a Steven Curtis Chapman song from way back called “The Great Adventure.”

We used it at Rock Springs years ago in attempt to inspire and encourage and excite the believers in our sphere of influence to look at life and God’s work as very much a great adventure!

As we listened, old familiar feelings bubbled to the surface. David and I so much wanted our church family to jump all in to this Great Adventure! This was our mission!

As we looked back to that era, we realized that there were many among us who said that they wanted to be a part of this Great Adventure, but when push came to shove, they actually wanted nothing to do with it.

As David and I “unpacked” our emotions related to this song and this idea, we came to the conclusion that there are just some who want nothing to do with this great adventure of life…this great adventure of living for and following Christ. They’re perfectly ok with living the Christian life as minimally as possible…not big commitment…no big changes…no big risks.

As I said, this song was the catalyst to a brand new way of ministry almost 10 years ago. It was basically the “theme song” for Rock Springs Community Church in Cortez, Colorado.

Much has happened since then.

During those early years, many times we felt bruised…broken…scarred. Listening to this same song brought up brand new emotions, totally different than in the early days. The Rock Springs family is now a huge part of the Great Adventure…and I couldn’t be happier!!!

Ministry isn’t easy in any form of the word! Don’t enter it lightly.

Don’t get me wrong…ministry is so very rewarding. But it will also leave you bruised, broken and scarred. Be forewarned!!

Our very good friend Travis has been in the rodeo “business” for many years…a career that is so foreign to me and David, being that we are city-folk at heart. (Although I did love me some Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in my growing up years.)

We recently were blessed to take a road trip to California with Travis and his sweet wife, Staci. Believe me, we were very much informed to the life of a lifetime rodeo dude…and I loved every minute of it. Almost made me want to do some rodeo-ing. Almost.

This past week, Travis went to participate in a rodeo about 3 hours away or so. For some unknown and unexpected reason, the family horse that he rode, bucked him and left him broken, bruised and scarred…and almost too sore to walk the next day.

David and I made the connection rather quickly.

If you’re bruised, broken and scarred, that just means that you took the risk of getting on the horse in the first place. The only way to NOT be bruised, broken and scarred is to not get on the horse…and stay on the sidelines or behind the scene or up in the bleachers watching what’s going on.

Would you rather be a spectator or a participant in this GREAT ADVENTURE??

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