This Day.


This day.

Today would have been my sweet father-in-love’s…Brad Ramsey’s…80th birthday. 80!!! I can hardly even imagine it! On the other hand…I can totally imagine it.

I was so stinkin’ blessed with my birth-daddy, Charles Wayne Greenup, who loved, and to this day, loves me unconditionally. I’ve got stories. I’ve got proof. Out of kindness and time management, I’ll spare you.

But 36+ years ago, I was also so stinkin’ blessed with a father-in-law/love who also loved me unconditionally…to his final days.

It’s been 5 years, minus a month, since I lost my sweet father-in-love to a freak, unexpected accident. And I grieve to the core of my being still to this day.

Tonight, I was catching up on a tv series that I love but had fallen behind in watching. In tonight’s particular episode, a daughter-in-law reached out to her father-in-law with great love and great compassion…as a true daughter…for he had been through a tough patch in his life. To say it touched me deeply is a grand understatement!

After the father-in-law’s serious operation, this daughter-in-law encouraged him to get up out of his comfort zone and just go for a walk. Just experience a change of scenery. Forget the limitations of health and surgery, and embrace the healing and new experiences.

I cannot EVEN tell you how I long for that to be with my 2nd father. I often question God’s wisdom and timing with taking my father-in-law sooner than I wanted. Sooner than I cared for or preferred.

But, hey…that is not for me to question. God is the God of all time and purpose. His will comes into play in all circumstances, whether I get it or not…whether I like it or not. My only comfort is to trust that God’s plan trumps my plan…or anyone else’s plan.

So what’s my point??

PEOPLE! Listen!! Make the most of the time you have in this very moment…in this very minute. You and I are not promised anything!! I mean NOT. ONE. THING.

And because of that fact, there should never, ever, ever be a wasted minute or moment. Don’t leave anything left unsaid or undone. Because there may never again be a minute or a moment to make a thing happen. So do it right in this minute.

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