David and I got the precious opportunity to make a road trip this past weekend, to see our one-and-only son and his fiancé-girl. As we traveled the boring roads, I continued reading in a book that I had started reading out loud with him several months ago. This was a good opportunity to read some more. Haven’t finished the book yet, but we’re a whole lot closer.

In one of the chapters I read, the author talks about “the biggest jerk in the bird world”…and that, as he pointed out, would undoubtedly be the cuckoo. In your particular part of the earth, it may be something completely different. But hear me out….

This particular author explained that when a mommy cuckoo is ready to lay an egg, this “wildly irresponsible cuckoo bird” will look for a nest that some other bird has built. This morally-deficient cuckoo momma wants another bird to raise her cuckoo so she can focus on more reproduction. (Sounds all too familiar today, sadly!)

The other bird species doesn’t immediately suspect anything at all. Probably because the color patterns of the “new” egg are very similar, and, let’s face it…birds aren’t all that skilled at math, so the extra egg escapes their attention.

Since the cuckoo bird has a shorter incubation rate, it tends to hatch first. And once it’s finally broken through its shell, you know what it does?? Do you!!???

It kills the other birds!

Using its sharp beak and probably some non-savory vocab’, it destroys any other eggs in the nest. And if the other eggs have already hatched, no worries! The baby cuckoo bird just pushes the other baby birds out of the nest while their mommy is out gathering food.


Granted, there are some mommy birds that realize there’s a “new and different” egg that has suddenly appeared in the nest. And some of them will just get rid of the “foreign egg” right away, and there are others that will simply build a nest on top of the cuckoo egg to suffocate it so that it dies.

We all…you and me and everybody else…have cuckoos in our nest [life].

What are the cuckoos in our lives? Well, it really depends on who we are and how we were raised and what people have said about us at one time or another.

For us human-folk, the “cuckoos” in our lives tend to be all of the thoughts and beliefs that kill our purpose…our dream…our goals.

• What is your purpose?
• What is your dream?
• What is your goal?

There is a “cuckoo” part of you that tries to kill those things. 

If you’re trying to lose weight/get healthy/get strong/avoid disease, your cuckoo will tell you, “Don’t even try. It’s in your family history. Besides…you’ve failed every, single other time you’ve tried. If it was gonna happen, it woulda happened by now. You can’t do this!”

If you’re trying to start a business, your cuckoo will tell you, “You can’t really make any “real” money doing this. Besides, it’s alrighty been done before. And besides all that, you don’t really have what it takes anyway!”

If you’re trying to save or improve your marriage, your cuckoo will tell you, “Dude! It’s too far gone. There’s nothing you can do now to make this work. Just give up! Go away….get over it”

If you’re trying to write a book, your cuckoo will tell you, “Who do you think you are?? An author?? I mean, for real legits??? HAHA!!! What makes you think anyone will ever read even 5 words of anything you write? You’re just fooling yourself!”

See what I mean? Stupid cuckoos trying the crush your dreams and goals. Trying to kill them.

Don’t let the mean cuckoos mess you up. God gives us a purpose; He gives us our dreams and our goals. Nothing can kill those things…unless you let the mean cuckoos get into your nest and wreak total havoc!

Take a good strong inventory of your thought life and uncover those often hidden cuckoos. And when you find them, DESTROY THEM! And after you’re destroyed them, replace them.

When the cuckoo says, “Don’t even try. You’ve failed every other time!”, replace that with, “Maybe so. But God’s not done with me yet. I may have blown it previously, but I most definitely CAN do this right now!!!”

When the cuckoo says, “You can’t make money doing this,” say “Maybe not at first. It make take a little time, but I’m gonna give it everything I have to eventually make it a success.”

When the cuckoo says, “Your marriage is too far gone. It’s over!”, say “No way!! No it’s not! With the help of God, and counselors, and close, caring friends, we can fix this seemingly-irreparable problem. And in the end, we will be stronger for it!”

When the cuckoo says, “You got laid off? You lost your job? Big WHOOP! You weren’t good at it anyway! And now you’re too old for anyone to even want to hire your sorry behind,” you say “I WAS good at that job. And getting laid off may be the jumping off point to getting my dream job or starting my own business. This isn’t the end by any means!”

When the cuckoo says, “Nobody’s gonna be interested in anything you create,” you say “That doesn’t even matter, stupid cuckoo! The creativity I have was given to me by the Almighty God Himself. So if nobody is interested…and nobody buys or reads or cares…SO WHAT??? I still know that I’ve done what God gave me to do!”

Cuckoos are bullies. And we all hate bullies! 

As the author said in the book I’m reading, “Is it a coincidence that ‘cuckoo’ is another word for ‘crazy’?” Well, I myself would say a definite no…no coincidence whatsoever! But these cuckoos will definitely make you “cuckoo” if you don’t take care of them.

These cuckoos are killing your heart.

Don’t listen to their outrageous, ridiculous lies.



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