Make A Connect


There…I said it. No shame.

He’s my only child. No regrets.

I love to hear from him. He’s busy, so I know that when I do hear from him, it’s a pretty darn big deal…he’s taking time out of his busyness to contact his momma. I can’t begin to tell you the joy and heartbeat-skipping effect that seeing his name pop up on a text or phone call has on my being.

Guess what? God feels the EXACT same about us…His kids…those of us who have laid down our own agendas and gotten in with Him.

No, God may not have the latest iPhone 7plus…or the latest operating system on his computer…(or does he?)…but I can almost for sure guarantee you that as soon as your name pops up…as soon as you whisper His name, he feels a joy and a heartbeat-skipping effect as we do when we hear from our children. But even more so.

God LONGS to hear from you…just like you and I LONG to hear from our kids.

Sometimes my son calls and we only talk for a few minutes, but the rest of my day is MADE!!! Especially when he just calls to tell me he’s thinking about me and to find out what I’m up to and that he loves me. He doesn’t necessarily want or need anything…he just wants to connect.

As a parent, this is prime real estate, y’all!!

And for God, especially at this time of year…when we celebrate His gift to us as a baby boy who would eventually save the world from itself…save us from our own pitiful selves…

I can only imagine what it must feel like to have His children reach out to Him…not only to ask for advice or blessing or money or healing…but to just tell Him “thank you”…and that we’re thinking about Him…that we love Him…and to ask “Hey, God, what are You up to?”

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Pastor's wife. Mom. Friend. Musician. Writer. Artist.

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