One. Less. Thing.

This is gonna be short, but I hope sweet…and helpful.

Tonight, David and I went to Date Night at church. And I took one big thing away from it…

”One less thing”…

The “one big thing”

The dude on the video said that a way to stay connected as a couple is to think of the “one less thing” thing.

What can you do for your spouse that will give them “one less thing” to do or worry about or deal with, and ease up any stress on their mind/schedule?

The dude on the video said that, during the Christmas season, when his wife has so much to do and so many places to be, and way too much to think about, that he decided that he would make sure he filled her car with gas (cuz she hates getting gas) to give her “one less thing” to do or worry about in the midst of everything else she had to do or worry about.

She overheard him telling their kids that…and he said she got more emotional over that “one thing” than she did at the birth of any of the children.

That’s so awesome!

So this is my challenge and encouragement to you…whether it’s with your spouse or your child or your parents or your best friend or your boyfriend or your girlfriend or your mother-in-law or your neighbor…or WHOEVER…what is the one thing you can do for them that will leave them “one less thing” to do during this busy time of year…or ANY time of year.

Don’t stop with the Christmas season, because it’s only a season. Real ordinary every-day life will start again on January 1. Do it every single day…as much as you can…as often as it comes to mind. That’s how you stay connected with those you love…that’s how you serve them as Jesus serves us…that’s how you show pure, unadulterated, selfless, crazy, going-upstream love!

Do one more thing to give them one less thing!

That’s love.

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