The Holiest of Waters


I’m re-watching a fave Netflix series…and early in season one, this phrase was spoken: “Tears are the holiest of waters.”

This COMPLETELY jumped out at me and consumed my brain activity for quite a while.

One character said this to her best-friend character…hoping to give some perspective to the emotions she was experiencing.

I simply could not let this go unnoticed or unmentioned.

Why? Because this is gospel truth, y’all.

So often, we find ourselves in the deepest depths. Maybe it’s a lost relationship, or a bad health diagnosis, or a personal failure. And we find ourselves crying tears. So many tears.

We have all shed tears over something. And when we find ourselves crying tears over whatever, that is when we are closest to our Maker.

We have finally denied that we have it all together…that we can figure this thing out…that we’re 10 feet tall and bullet-proof! (By the way…we are not! Just saying…)

We can do and say a lot of things that make us feel (or act) holy. But when our hearts are hurt to the point of tears, that’s when we are most vulnerable…that’s when we are most holy.

Tears are okay. Tears are honest. Tears are admitting that life sucks and life hurts and life isn’t perfect in any way. Tears are saying, “Father-God, this totally sucks. And I need You to help me make some kind of sense of this mess!!!”

And here’s the ultimate good news: God WILL always make sense of it.

Immediately? Probably not.

Eventually? Oh, most certainly.

So when you find yourself crying over some something, remember this: God knows we hurt. God knows we feel things ever-so-deeply. God knows we look for the purpose in our problems. God knows we need a reason to keep keeping on.

And when you realize that, then keep on keeping on. Fix your eyes on Him. Fix your eyes on how He handled the yucky parts of life already. 

And if you do that, then you can realize that you can overcome any and every stinky situation that comes your way!!

You are the King’s kid!

Believe that.

And act like it!!!

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Pastor's wife. Mom. Friend. Musician. Writer. Artist.

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