Ramsey Girl and Boy

Gilmore Girls.

So I finished episode 22 of season 7. (Not even to the new ones yet.)

I. Can’t. Even.

When my sister and other friends recommended this show to me, I wasn’t sure that I’d enjoy it as much as they did. They have daughters. I don’t have a daughter.  I have a sister who has a daughter. And I have friends who have daughters..and I AM a daughter. But I am not the mother of a daughter.

But I am a mother. I have a total of one son. And the feels in Gilmore Girls are all the exact same feels that I feel.

I remember the feelings I had when my one-and-only son graduated from high school and went to college. It was quite an emotional deal for me. I couldn’t imagine him being even just 45 minutes away from me. It was almost too much. We talked on the phone a bunch…and texted like mad. I felt the “Lorelai feels” for 4 whole years.

Then, he graduated from college. For the next year or so, he hung around close enough to stay connected to me and David. But it wasn’t long before he moved far away. And I can’t even tell you all of the emotions I went through as we helped him move.

Pride was high on the list…because I knew beyond all doubt that he was oh-so-capable of doing anything he set his mind to.

But close on the heels of pride was love. Pure, unadulterated love. And his moving meant that part of my heart was leaving me and traveling 9-plus hours away from my body. And that was not only difficult, but nigh impossible, to comprehend.

I’d spent 20+ years investing in the life and well-being of this human individual called my son. How could I even imagine letting this “fruit of my loin” go so far away and attempt to live so separated from me? Surely it couldn’t be so!!!

But…it was so. And it IS so. And thankfully, the things I instilled into his life, like Lorelai instilled into Rory’s life, for so many years, have come to fruition. He is a young man that I can say that I’m super-immensely proud of. What a super human-man he has become. And I am so proud and STOKED to be his mommy!!

So thank you, Gilmore Girls, for reminding me that, as hard and heart-breaking as goodbyes are, the satisfaction of seeing your child grow up and become a successful, good, kind, hard-working, generous, funny and precious grownup is worth it all.

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One thought on “Ramsey Girl and Boy

  1. Yes, you said it really well! I was scared for myself and them as my daughter & son left home, but I am extremely proud of their accomplishments. The loneliness for them never ends, however!

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