I’m leaving this afternoon to fly from Durango, Colorado…to Dallas, Texas (#mytexasheart)…to Nashville, Tennessee (#mytennesseeheart).

Do you get as completely crazy totes stressed before a trip as I do??? Doesn’t matter if I’m flying, driving, walking or taking a mouse-drawn carriage. In the last minutes, I get stressed — out of sorts, as it were.

I’m going to Tennessee to do something I absolutely am purposed to do…no doubt! I am the featured speaker at a women’s retreat. I absolutely love to teach! I have helped lead worship at this same retreat in 2013, but this time…I’m the speaker! The featured speaker, y’all! (If you’d known me in my younger years, you’d know this is a miracle. Just sayin’!) I’m humbled and I’m stoked all at the same ol’ time!!! But that brings with it some crazy accountability and responsibility. #prayforme

So…in the past few days, amidst the celebrating of one my bestie friend’s first major published book release, I’ve been packing and prepping and panicking (to some degree.)

I stress. Oh, Lordy, do I stress. My stress reveals itself in tiny adolescent breakouts on my way-too-old-to-be-breaking-out face. And even though I think I’m ready and prepared and equal to the task ahead of me, I can’t deny or decrease the stress.

Ok…I’m stressed about what to pack. (But really, what woman isn’t at this point?) I’m going from Colorado weather of highs in the mid-70’s to Tennessee weather of highs in the high-80’s. No big whup, really. But it takes some thinking and planning and strategery to pack the things I definitely will need, and leaving the questionable things behind.

Plus, since I’m kinda the “go-to-girl” for video screen at our Sunday morning services, I’ve done what I can do with what I have for this weekend…and will need to leave the last-minute deets to someone else. #lordbewithme

PLUS, I’m leaving my hubster for 5-ish days…and although he’s not inept in any way, I feel like I need to leave things “prepped” for him while I’m gone (ie. pre-measured coffee in ziplock snack bags so all he has to do is add water to the coffee maker.” #patheticbutlovingwife

He has enough clothes/socks/underwear washed to make it until I get back on Monday night. And he has a basic, general knowledge of how to make the tuna salad the way that he prefers.

All. That. To. Say……

I kinda get tired of the stress that an upcoming trip induces.

LOVE to travel…but I just wish I could go to sleep in my own comfy bed, and then wake up in my new place, with everything I will need until I wake up in my own comfy bed again. Anyone? Anyone???

Make no mistake: I’m super stoked about this trip (besides the fact that I love me some Tennessee, y’all.) #volunteersandcountrymusic!!

I am super excited about the theme of the weekend: HOPE…as an anchor for our souls.

Hope is the most important thing in all of the all of life! I want to tell these women I’ll be speaking to that, even though life totes sucks at times…and horrible, unspeakable events happen…and we get crappy health diagnoses, and all the other stuff…our hope does not even begin to lie in our circumstances. Instead, it lies in the very Son of God, who put death to death, who gave me a reason to wake up in the morning, and to not lose my faith, my hope, or my love just because some lunatic decided it was time to kill a bunch of people for whatever reason!

People, I beg you: don’t lose faith. Don’t lose hope. And by all means, don’t lose the capability to love other people around you…yes, even those who are crazy unloveable.!

Trips may tend to stress me. But knowing that my actions and my attitude, based on what Jesus Himself taught me, can change at least one life…no stress, y’all. No stress whatsoever!

Bring it on!!

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