I Quit!!

Don’t worry…I’m not quitting blogging. I’m only just beginning.

“Quit.” It’s not a popular word. Or idea. Or concept. (Ok, I’ll “quit” finding synonyms.)

We don’t like to quit. We label ourselves quitters or failures…or we’re afraid someone else will. No one wants to be a quitter.

But so often, we find ourselves stuck in that little hamster wheel, continuing to boogity-boogity along, thinking the wheel will stop on its own. It won’t. I promise. It will only stop when we quit boogity-boogitying.

One of my favorite authors, Bob Goff, quits something every Thursday. Most of the time it’s small stuff, like biting his nails and stuff. But sometimes its big stuff. I read that he actually resigned from a board because it was a Thursday.

The idea is twofold:

1. Get rid of anything that doesn’t need to be in your life.

2. Realize you don’t have to be stuck in the hamster wheel.

Warren Buffet says the secret to successful people is that they have learned to say no to almost everything.

I’m not big on resolutions. For one thing, I don’t follow through. Well, rarely. And maybe you feel the same way. But 2015 can be the year of quitting. Maybe it’s something big like quitting a job or a sucky relationship. Maybe it’s biting your nails or eating donuts or self-condemnation or comparing or complaining or procrastinating or running away from God or playing Despicable Me: Minion Rush all the time (ok, that’s just me). You know what you need to quit; you’re thinking of it right now. I don’t really have to suggest anything because we all wake up every morning wishing something was different. Wishing we could stop something or quit something. And believe me, I could make a very long list of those things, but that’s my list. You have yours.

We can live exciting, fun, successful lives. We weren’t created to be born, to be bored and then to be buried. We can invest our lives in things that bring life, that bring breaths of fresh air, that make us want to get up in the morning. And we can quit the things that don’t. What if by the end of 2015, you could look back and say, “Yes, that’s better.” What if?

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Pastor's wife. Mom. Friend. Musician. Writer. Artist.

One thought on “I Quit!!

  1. so empressed with your wisdom and your use of our language, there are so many things in my life I need to quit. Maybe this is the year I can start…..

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